Who am I?

Sam is a French serial entrepreneur and an angel investor based in San Francisco since 2010.
He has co-founded several companies. In 2009, he sold Talentueux, a web agency he has created in 2001.

Now VP Product at Kwarter inc., a company he co-founded, his new challenge is to build the geotagged mobile video commenting platform: Twicer.

Sam is an author too. He published a book about gamification in 2014, a topic which earned him the award of a USPTO patent (13/864,493).

In his spare time, he really enjoys writing about himself in the third person, helping young entrepreneurs and practicing extreme sports despite the fact of having a lovely wife and two kids.

To contact me:

Email: sam.hickmann@gmail.com
Skype: shickmann
Twitter: twitter.com/samhickmann
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/samhickmann/en
AngelList: angel.co/sam-hickmann
Quora: www.quora.com/Sam-Hickmann
Medium: medium.com/@samhickmann

My companies

Internet business
In France:
Since 2001 - Talentueux.com/MyFrenchCompany (web agency sold in october 2009)
Since 2007 - Compare-le-web
In the US:
2011 - Kwarter inc.

Automotive business
Since 2007 - supercarLEASE

Real-estate business
Since 2003 - Skylab 5, 6 et 7
In 2009 - Dingy Construction

My hobbies

If you are based in the Bay and if you like one of these sports, please contact me!
- Snowboard
- Aviation
- Skydiving / parachutism
- Golf
- Poker
- Racing (sports cars and go karts)
- Motorcycling
- etc.