Last week I read an other book. Yes 2 in one week! I had much time considering the 24 hours delay of Air France from San Francisco to Geneva due to the snow storm (sic!).
So I decided to Crush It! I mean to read the book of Gary Vaynerchuk (or should I say the Vook, enhanced version, with cool videos).
I loved this book. First because this guy is full of energy and knows how to share it with us. Read 10 pages each morning and your day is made... 200% of power.

The story is how to build your personal brand. Gary is clear: passion is everything. Did you jump every morning eager to go to your job? If so, you're ready to build your personal brand because you're passionate about what you do. He describes how to proceed and how to monetize it. A real business that can make much money, and Gary proves it with his personal case.

One little critical: Gary doesn't speak for those who don't have a pre-existing business (actually, his was in very good health).

I recommend this book.


  1. Actually, I really think that Gary also speaks for those who don't have a pre-existing business. It's about building your personal brand around your passion. The creation of a business may come after.

    This is why this book is perfect for someone with a regular job but who wants to quit. The advice for this person is build your personal brand while you're still doing that job using your extra-time (9pm to 3am). Then when you think you are ready, you can quit that job and start your own business.

    This is what I think this book is about. Of course I'm open for discussion ;-)

  2. I have got the occasion to see Gary on stage during LeWeb 2010 in Paris and it was a great moment.

    The guy has a very good energy and really represents in my opinion the new generation of entrepreneur. A generation driven by passion and ready to merge their personal and professional life together.

    Thank you Sam for the link, will read the book now!

  3. A great book indeed. If I may go one step further in your recommendation, I would say that audio book or "Vook" definitely enhances the experience.

    Don't know about the Vook, but there were lots of added "stories" in the audio book I got.

    I found it definitely more down to earth and pragmatic than "Linchpin", by S.Godin.

    Have you read that one ?

  4. Unfortunately not, It is on my list but it looks like you don't recommend it, right?

  5. I do recommend it, actually. It surely chined me up more than once when in doubt on the path of a yound entrepreneur.

    IMHO Godin emphasizes a bit too much the issues of big corporations and companies, but I was frustrated he wasn't bringing much of a solution either; except at personal level by quitting a job that would make you like "another cog in the machine".

    So as an audiobook on a traveling journey would be easy enough ;-)