What's Next For Sports Fans?

I believe that fans deserve more than just the game itself. I talk with fans on a daily basis and they tell me they want to broadcast LIVE their comments and report what's happening during the game. In this context, mobile becomes key! Fans now need a way to communicate their passion instantly and they cannot use their laptop to do so.

This is about connecting sports and fans together. Today a lot of Professional Teams are thinking about how they can improve the relationship with their fans, not only locally but globally. For example, let’s look at the San Francisco Giants and FC Barcelona in Europe. Together, these two teams have well over 10 million fans and most of them never get to the stadium! Thanks to technology these teams can now engage directly with the fans and create a personal relationship with each of them.

Check-in based apps allow teams to create an intimate link with their fans.

Imagine that you check into a game and based on your location and your personal context you get something that is truly interactive with the people around you.

This is where Kwarter comes!

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