Geotagged Mobile Video Commenting

TV is dead 

We all know that. I can barely remember a friend that watches live programs on TV at the rare exception of sports fans.
TV is dead, but why? Is it because the content is bad? Is it because the format is not appropriate anymore? Is it because people have shifted interests?
First, you have to be in front of it at a specific time but you are a busy man, you have no time for that.
Second, there are too many commercials, it's really annoying.
Third, the content is boring, too generalist, too mainstream.
Fourth, it's top/down. Some guys impose you what to watch.

Newspapers are dead

We all know that. I can barely remember a friend that reads a newspaper.
Newspapers are dead, but why? Is it because the content is bad? Is it because the format is not appropriate anymore? Is it because people have shifted habits?
First you have to buy one. It costs you money.
Second, you have to read long articles and you have no time for that.
Third, what's written in it is outdated. Yes, even a news from yesterday is probably obsolete already.
Fourth, it's top/down. Some guys impose me what to read, what to think.

Mobile is the new king

We all know that. I can barely remember a friend without a smartphone. Everybody has one, and everybody uses it a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean more than everything else. Why? Because it's like a digital swiss army knife. You can do so many things with a smartphone these days.

After having read these three paragraphs, you've learned nothing new, but that's what journalists call giving context, and I'm not done with context...

What's my friends are doing/saying/seeing/watching interests me

Let's face it, I'm more interested in watching House of Cards if my brother-in-law recommends it because he finds it awesome than if John Smith from the San Francisco Chronicles implores me to watch this XYZ TV show.
Social networks solve this problem extremely well. Facebook is by far the on-line service people are using the most.

What's happening around me interests me

Let's face it, I'll pay more attention if my neighbor tells me that his house has been broke-into last night than if I read it somewhere. I'll be more interested in knowing more about this nice little castle 2 miles from the place I stay during my vacations in France than when I'm in San Francisco.

Everything else is bullish**t to me

If Mister Skarsgard from Sweden complains about the drought this summer while I'm in Canada: I don't give a f***.
If Miss Xing in China implores me to visit her nice little village north of Shenzhen while I'm in the US: I don't give a f***.

Context being set, let's enter the interesting part. What the future will look like.

Crowdsourcing as the unique source of information

What Wikipedia, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have in common? Their content is totally crowdsourced. Yes, you can argue that the majority is bad content, but still, the good one represents more that all the broadcasters and the newspapers will ever be able to produce, and there is a reason for that: people love to express themselves and bad content for you might be good content for someone else.
Social media is a way of finding likeminded people and this is priceless. News are not top/down anymore, but one-to-one, meaningful and most often trusted (wisdom of the crowd).

Video is the most natural way of expression

Since 2009, the smartphones shoot videos in 1080 HD like every other cameras. It's super easy, super fast and people are use to it. On the other hand, the young generation has absolutely no fear of speaking in front of the camera, of broadcasting their life. It is definitely the most natural and accurate way of expression.
Opinions, comments, points of views are best described in videos because that is what replicates the best the real life.

Why geotagged mobile video commenting will be the next big thing

Now, let's put everything together. Imagine that everywhere you are, everywhere you go, you can watch videos commenting what to see, what's happening around of here. Imagine passing by a place where a friend has recorded a very special moment that you can share with him afterward. Imagine if you can actually watch what just happened near you, instead of hearing it on the radio or reading it on Twitter.
And the other way around works too. Imagine if you could video comment your experience, your life at this specific spot. Sometimes you are a reporter witnessing a special moment like the fall of a tree on the road or a car accident, sometimes you are a travel reporter recording a beautiful sunset on this secret beach during your vacations, sometimes you are just a guy immortilizing a crazy party at a concert.

It is a new way of discovering the world, of sharing emotions and point of views. It is the new way of helping others as well as keeping memories. It is the new CNN, local, social, made by normal people, for normal people. 
That is what we are working on and we are going to change the world.

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