Thoughts on the plane from NY to SF, May 31st, 2016


It's all about that right?
Unfortunately, I can't afford to dedicate 100% of my time to my family. I need to work. I need to provide.

Then I got this crazy idea: to work with my family, to help other families. A great feeling of joy and happiness started to fullfil me. I immediately projected myself working with my wife, my kids and all my good friends (who I call family too).

The idea for JOY is born in the summer of 2015. JOY is now a new company (incorporated in Feb 2016) with a very lofty mission: to help families to live in harmony, thanks to technology, by reinventing the way parents share time with their children. No more stress, no more power struggles, only quality family time. This trend has even a name, we call it #FamilyTech.


We got an idea for our first product. Very simple to use, not too expensive and that could help millions of families with children.
The only problem was that we needed to go to China to build it, because it's a piece of hardware, and China is the best place to do it.
We decided to apply to the first and largest hardware accelerator, HAX. We got selected.


HAX is based in San Francisco and Shenzhen (north of Hong-Kong).  The stage 1 of the program lasts four months and you need to physically be in China the whole time. It's a total immersion.
There, in the heart of the silicon valley of hardware, you have everything you need to prototype and to manufacture. HAX helps by providing money, ressources, mentorship, partnerships.
My partner and I had a very difficult decision to make back then: shall we abandon our family for four months?
The answer was not easy but not taking this opportunity would have been a terrible mistake. So we went.
HAX became family.

"If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough" - Mario Andretti


We're back. Stronger than ever. Nothing can stop us. We will help millions of families and we will make a living of it. Period.

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