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For the LeWeb'10 conference December the 8th, we have launched Let me introduce you this new free website.

Today, speakers (entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc.) participate in conferences (like LeWeb, Web2.0, ad:tech). Most of the time, these keynotes are video recorded.
After their performances, the speakers generally share their videos on YouTube or Vimeo, their slides on or, their impressions on their blog, and have feedback from twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. That results in multiple places for their audience to access to see it all (except for the lucky guys capable of travel and spend $1,500 ticket for each conference).

Have you ever tried to watch a speech in the same conditions that if you were in the room during the show? If so, you know how difficult it is to fetch all the informations. This is how I proceed generally:
- I go on the website of the conference and I try to find the video section. For the better conferences like TED or LeWeb, I have a playlist,
- then, I open an other window in my browser and I try to find all the details of the speaker. I go on his blog, his twitter, his LinkedIn profile, his crunchbase page, his wikipedia page, etc.
- I open a third window and I try to catch the slides he used during his presentation
After that, I can watch his talk in good conditions.

If the guy is good, I want to see other talks he has done before... so I restart again the same process.
Maybe it's not the guy I like but the theme of the conference, so I restart the same process for an other participant.

Wow, that's a bunch of stuff to do! There are too much websites to seek...

That's why we decided to create

On, we regroup all the content and all the medias used during a conference. The speakers can upload or embed their presentations, they can synchronise their twitter, LinkedIn, rss feeds; they can link to all their social networks and websites, and they can write their biography. Very easily.
They obtain a "vanity URL" such as they can share.

In the other side, their audience can simply access, obtains all the informations regarding their profile and watch their presentations (video and slides simultaneously), comment, vote and share.

The speaker is happy because all his presentations are regrouped in one single place and he has a comprehensive feedback from his audience.

Visitors are happy because they don't have to seek the web to fetch all the medias + they have access to all the past presentations. Bonus: they can navigate thru the conferences, discover other cool speakers and even follow their mentors by subscribing to their profile.

At last, conference organizers are happy as well because archives all their presentations and bring free trafic.

This is my elevator peetch, don't hesitate to comment it:

"We offer a website that generates greater visibility for speakers and entrepreneurs and easier access to their talks and presentations.

Today, presenters participate in conferences like ad:tech, share videos on Youtube, slides on scribd, ideas on LinkedIn or post content on their blog, but that results in multiple places for viewers to access to see it all.

On, we regroup all these technologies and provide the content on one single site. Users can easily upload and share their presentations in less than a minute, and archive all their talks in one place, accessible with a vanity URL (

Visitors can simultaneously watch the videos and slides, make comments, vote, subscribe and share all presentations + navigate by speakers or by conferences. - it's a distinctive site offering presenters a central repository point for all published content, better visibility, and access to comprehensive feedback from viewers."

OK, it's not THE big idea, it's not the next Facebook, but if we can simplify and gain time, why not?

Here are two posts in french by TechCrunch and 01Net:

Please visit and make feedback. It's 100% free. This is a beta version. A lot of improvement and new features will come in january.

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